3D Printing & Hard Surface Modeling Course

I am beyond stoked to announce a brand new tutorial releasing today, 3D Printing & Hard Surface Modeling!
See course here:

This new course will help move you from the computer world of ZBrush modeling to the real world of 3D Printing! We'll cover what makes a successful 3D print, how to model your character to avoid printing pitfalls, and how to split up your model and make keys for the perfect print. Once you have a fully modeled character (and all those tight new hard surface modeling skills!), I walk you through setting up the print, exporting an optimized model, and cleaning up the finished 3D print afterward. Doesn't that sound like fun?!

There are 25 easy to follow videos meant for both beginners or those more advanced, and I also promise there's plenty of nerdy commentary from yours truly along the way.

Matt thorup socialdr

Final render made in Keyshot

3D Printing and Hard Surface Modeling in ZBrush

Matt thorup zbrushturn
Matt thorup img 6009 1

Final Print. Printed on a Prusa mk2